Fundy Sit Plush

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Toy Color: same as picture

Condition: 100% new and high quality

Material: PP Cotton

Size: 20cm or 27cm


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Welcome to Fundy Merch!

Fundy is known around the world for his gaming channel. The great thing here is that you do not need to stay restricted to your personal computers to experience a high charm. The Fundy Merch is a great way to show off your love of him. Our custom items are perfect for all fans. You can even get free shipping on orders over $49. We have the widest collections that you can use to make the best Fundy tribute!


What Items Are We Offering?

We’ve got all the official Fundy merchandise you could possibly think of! Whether you’re looking for a Fundy T-shirt, an awesome Fundy hoodie, or maybe even a Fundy hat, we’ve got it all for you! For those who want more than just clothing, we have one of a kind items such as phone cases, keychains, stickers, greeting cards, and wall art that will make great gifts for friends or family members. Have you been looking for the best decorations for all the rooms of your home? Pillows, canvas, mugs, puzzles, blankets... We’ve got you covered! All you have to do is check out our website today at Fundy Merch store!


Fundy Hoodie

The Fundy hoodie is the perfect merch for your favorite streamer. It’s so cozy, soft, and comfortable that you’ll never want to take it off. The hoodie comes in a variety of colors so you can choose what fits best with your personality. You’ll be able to show off your love for Fundy while staying warm and comfortable this winter! Pick up yours today.


Fundy Pillow

The Fundy merch pillow is a product that was created by the creative minds at Fundy. With this brand new design of pillows you can be sure to get your hands on some exclusive designs that only our special designers could come up with! Each pillow is made from high-quality materials so you know they will last in the long run! They also feature an ultra-soft fleece fabric which makes them perfect for snuggling up on those cold winter nights!

Fundy Biography

Who is Fundy?

Floris (born: October 10, 1999), better known online as Fundy, is a Dutch YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for his alterations and videos about the game Minecraft. He runs the YouTube channel Fundy, where he posts gaming content, especially on the popular sandbox game Minecraft. Itsfundy has amassed over 3.29 million subscribers on his channel. With over 1.8 million fans on his account fundy, he is also a popular figure on TikTok.


Fundy’s career

Fundy started out on YouTube in 2019. He made videos where he tinkered with different mods in Minecraft. Itsfundy has also created new game mods that offer challenging new content. His work has garnered the attention of many gaming fans and he is one of the well-regarded players of Minecraft on YouTube.


Itsfundy has collaborated with popular Minecraft player Dream and is also a member of Dream SMP, a multiplayer Minecraft server. Following his success, Itsfundy created 2 other channels on Youtube - FundyLIVE and FundyCLIPS. The channels have a combined subscriber base of over 1.45 million.